BIM Seminar Asks Muslims for proper use of modern communication technology

Things which improve the quality of life, like science and technology, are encouraged and welcomed in Islamic religion.

Technology” is a word that could not to be found in the Quran nor the prophetic traditions. The word has Greek and Latin origins which can roughly be translated to “a systematic approach in doing things”. Since the word “technology” is not of Arabic origin, it is of no surprise that it could not be found in either the Quran or Hadith. However, this does not mean that there is no mention of the usage of technology in both these important sources of reference for Muslims.

Much has been said about the need for Muslims to master technology, but unfortunately little has been done about it. As a result, we see Muslims of today being belittled and left behind in all areas. Muslims must realize that knowledge ‘and technology’ will benefit the Muslim world at large and this is why Blantyre Islamic Mission (BIM) organized a two day workshop at its institution at Chadzunda under the theme ‘Technological Communications and its effects

Sheikh Ayam: Islam encourages the use of communication technology

Speaking during the official opening of the workshop, one of the Muslim scholars in the country who was also the guest of honor Sheikh Mustahab Ayam encouraged the Muslims to use technological way of communications saying this has reduced many challenges on how Muslims and non-Muslims can access the words of Allah and described the workshop as timely organized.

“This workshop is very important to both Muslim and non-Muslim community because it will help to shape the human behaviors since technology or internet is not a bad thing and we should encourage everyone including our youngsters to use it,” he said.

Sheikh Ayam said it is very important to use technological communications since a lot of devices are available which can carry the message of Allah and other important information about Islam.

“Nowadays there are a lot of gadgets like phones, computers and laptops which can keep different information including the Holy book of Quran in all forms like soft copy and its audio in different languages which helps people to carry with it wherever they are going,” he said.

He further said with the modern technology people can learn more about Islam and its teachings through using the reliable sources and also asked the Sheikhs in attendance to spread the message on the advantages of using the modern technology in searching the words of Allah.

However the same technology is being used to disparage Islam with negative images such as terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and the likes and Sheikh Ayam also asked for the proper investigations when such issues have risen through the social media.

“Other group of people use the same modern way of technology to tarnish the image and the reputation of Islam and Muslims should be aware of it, don’t follow everything you come across on internet because these people post things which are contrary to the teachings of Islam and these facts should be realized by the preachers of Islam.”

He finally asked parents to be on the forefront to make sure that their children are using internet in proper manner. He gave an example that in the past children were gathering together outside their houses to chat as friends but now the same youngsters can be in the house but chatting with people who are not within and others whom they don’t know by face.

“Muslim youngsters are adopting technology to distance themselves from older, traditional practices while also challenging Western models, they have gadgets which can mislead them if not properly used, the coming in of facebook, watsapp even twitter is also a disadvantage to these youngsters so parents should be on the forefront to make sure that our children are using internet in a proper manner,” said Ayam.

Nadwi (Left) making his remarks in Arabic while Sheikh Muhammad Silika (Right) making interpretations

Delivering his opening remarks, Sheikh Muhammad Nadwi, Principal of Blantyre Islamic Mission (BIM) urged the participants to use modern communication technology responsibly by avoiding the bad websites like those of Shias and the like. He emphasized on the need to establish the strong relationship with Muslim scholars of sound Islamic belief through their websites and forums.

Almost every speaker at the workshop touched on the fact that technological communication is a double-edged sword meaning it has both pros and cons and that it is the responsibility of every Muslim to explore the best way of benefiting from this phenomenon.

Knowledge is “technology”. That is why Islam always stresses the importance of gaining and mastering knowledge, and thus, gaining and mastering technology





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