Boozing Restriction Law, Way To Go Karonga Girls



As always addicted to news I open my PC, jumping from one news site to another and then finally, I stumble on a headline “Karonga girls push for boozing restriction law ”. I read it and try to read the few comments accompanying it.

Going through the comments gives me a feeling that the whole time-limiting thing on alcohol consumption isn’t going down the throats of others smoothly. It appears like out of pride…wait, sorry, let me reword that; Arrogance .Yes, out of arrogance very few have chosen to disregard the message being conveyed. All what the girls said was that the government should enact laws restricting men from drinking from dawn to dusk. The intention is to make these men responsible for their families especially to facilitate girls’ education.

But being rebellious as I am, I intend to not only to talk about those who drink from dawn to dusk but also those who do that from dusk to dawn.

Defying a small part of my brain-that tells me that I don’t have to explain this- still, below, are my reasons for supporting this course.

1.Not only does drinking hinder education for girls by handicapping men financially but also affecting boys’ education negatively.

2.Boozing gives birth to malfunctioning minds which read to;

  • Violence at home which then results to malfunctioning families which may result to divorces and then bringing about psychologically messed-up kids
  • Low input at work therefore little development at personal, societal and national level.

3,Drinking helps spreading of STDs which produce;

  •   Sick (weak) community
  •   Early and unnecessary deaths

4.Binge drinking is just a waste of money which could help;

  • Those kids for school and healthy growth
  • Buy your wife some flowers or something like that to fix your marriage. Seriously, the money spent on alcohol, could help buy her that thing she has always wanted. If your marriage is already fixed then I suggest another thing which is; buy her that thing she has always wanted (I hope you get the repeating here) to make her more happy because that’s better than drowning yourself in alcohol

5.Lastly, time spent drinking is really a loss to be concerned about. Here is what’s going to happen if you continue arriving home half-cut in the wee hours;

  • Mostly you won’t see your kids (that is if you have them or care about them) or you may fortunately or unfortunately meet them-and then there is that thing of you not remembering what happened between the time after you finished that bottle that cracked up your emotions up to the time when you heard your wife shouting that you’re late for work because it’s 9:30 AM and that you smell like a passed out rat . But then there is also that high probability that when the kids wake up in the morning they will try to forget the whole ordeal about you in that state when you came back in those early hours. If that’s not mental enough for your kids then God help us.
  • You will definitely have some serious problems with your wife. If your wife is happy with you drinking like a fish and your coming late, then believe you me brother, your wife is either;

(a) Mentally unwell

(b) Or she is doing more disastrous activities when you are away. This way, the game is either draw or you’re definitely losing   both the battle and war.

All what I am trying to say to my drinking brothers out there is that you should forget that the proposal to boozing-restriction law came from little girls. Instead try to reason and ask yourselves whether the proposal makes sense or not.