Chakwera doesn’t Hate Islam –Sidik Mia

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia says the president of the party who is also the torchbearer of Tonse Alliance in the June, 2020 fresh presidential polls, Lazarus Chakwera does not hate Islam.

Mia made the remarks during Tonse Alliance political rally at Naisi ground in Zomba where former Malawi President Joyce Banda and the Citizens for Transformation (CFT) Commander in Chief, Comrade Timothy Mtambo, were in attendance among others.

“My message mainly targetted the Muslim community. I told them not to listen to those selling the prolongation of the Muluzi-Mutharika dynasty using a religious card that Chakwera hates Islam and intends to abolish it,”

“I told them, as I also tell you now, that the incoming President of the republic of Malawi, Dr Lazarus MacCarthy Chakwera, does not hate Islam,” Mia said in a Facebook post.

According to Mia, Chakwera practices inclusive, unity of purpose, co-existence and servant leadership.

“Chakwera is a statesman. Chakwera is tolerant of all religions. Chakwera is not a petty leader. He cannot stoop so low to abolish one of the three Abrahamic religions. By the way, who was Chakwera’s runningmate in the 2019 botched election? Was it not yours truly, Mohammed Sidik Mia, a Muslim? How then would he have abolished Islam religion?” he says.

The MCP Vice President says politicians should focus on issue based politics not sentiments that can divide Malawians.

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