Committee Identifies Land for the Construction of Malawi’s Much-awaited Islamic University

Officials from committee which is fighting for the establishment of much touted Islamic university in Malawi says they have identified the Land for the construction of the university.

One of the officials, Doctor Mustafa Hussein said this when speaking to Radio Islam on Tuesday.

Several prominent faiths in Malawi except Islam have in recent years, established their own higher learning institutions a thing, which has been puzzling many Muslims on why they do not have one despite Islam being the first religion to be introduced in the country.

Ironically, Muslim organizations have been sponsoring students to study in the countries like Sudan, Uganda, Malaysia and Tanzania which is difficult to achieve now with numerous economic malady rocking Malawi.

”As  of now our friends Zam Zam foundation and Al barakah charity Trust have identified  a place at Mikuyu in Zomba which belonged to Zam Zam Foundation, but by the Grace of ALLAH the land has been earmarked for the University. What is now remaining is to inspect the place and process all legal procedures so that the land should be transferred to the University Trust,” he explained.

It has taken several years for the land to be identified but Doctor Hussein who is a Chancellor College political science lecturer said this does not mean that it will take so long for the University to be constructed, though admitting establishing such a facility requires huge funds.

Certainly establishing a university is not an easy thing, finances are required, resources are required and progress will depend on the goodwill of our fellow Muslims within Malawi and outside the country.

But Doctor Hussein hoped that the process will be done quickly in the best manner, in the best way possible because the committee wants the university to sustain itself and be regarded as one of best learning institution on the land.

Concurring with Dr Hussein, Al-Barakah Charity Trust earlier told Radio Islam’s Boiling Port program that the development of the identified land will start within three years.

Decision of constructing new structures to house the university have sparked a debate in the Southern African nation with most Muslims describing it as not viable considering the fact it requires a lot of resources.

Muslims have been suggesting that it could have been better for the university to be housed at an already constructed structure to make sure that it is established as soon as possible.

But, Doctor Hussein said: “The committee is also having the same plan. Let me emphasis here that we are also considering finding a good structure to turn it into a university as we are harbouring plans to construct a modern one.”

Currently there are few Islamic colleges that offers tertiary education such as  Maryam Girls Teachers Training College Maryam Girls Teachers College, Maone Vocational Training college and International College of Business and Management.


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