Horror! Former Aspiring MP ALi Kaka Shoots Man Over Passage

Ali Kaka’s House, BMW (to the right) up in smoke


Residents of Manja Residential Area in Blantyre woke up this morning to some horrific news after it was learnt that one of the residents Ali Kaka Chinemba last night shot to death a man over a passage.

The police watching helplessly, with the lorry in the background

According to some of the residents who gathered at the scene of the crime, the deceased was offloading sand from a lorry that he parked on the road that goes to Mr. Chinemba’s house, blocking the passage in the process. A heated argument ensued between Mr Chinemba and the victim when the former wanted to pass through with his car to go to his house.

Not knowing his fate, the deceased refused to move the lorry, a development which infuriated Mr Chinemba, who in turn left his car there and went into his house which is 100m away from where the lorry was parked. He came back with a loaded gun.

Neighbors who spoke to this reporter but refused to be named, said that they heard gun shots around 10pm last night, but they thought that “they were guards at the nearby Soche ESCOM transitting station because thieves regularly visit those premises.”

Some residents reported that Mr. Chinemba fired several warning shots into the air before he pointed the gun to the chin of the deceased “and blew his head away” with the gun.

The angry mob who gathered at the scene of the crime, stoned Mr. Chinemba’s house, torched a state of the art unregistered BMW car and looted assorted item from the house. It had to take the intervention of the riot police to chase away the angry mob who were earlier chasing the police with stones not to come near to Mr. Chinemba’s house.

Ali Kaka Chinemba who hails from the lakeshore district of Nkhotakota contested as an independent MP for Blantyre City South constituency during the last tripartite elections and lost to Allan Ngumuya. He also failed in 2004 after he contested under a CODE party ticket.

The road in question was contructed by neighbors themselves with the supervision of Mr. Chinemba himself.

Blood at the scene of the crime
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