Friday, July the 20th, declared official start of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Muslims in Saudi Arabia will begin fasting tomorrow following the sighting of the Ramadan moon in the country on Thursday, this is according to the Saudi’s official government website Arab News.

Meanwhile, the Saudi government has declared Friday, July the 20th, as an official start of Ramadan.

However, Malawi’s National Ruyatul Hilaal insist Malawian Muslims will start fasting on Saturday, July the 21st.

 Spokesperson for the organisation, Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika said this  in an interview with this website.

He says Saudi Arabia and Malawi are of different regions, therefore they cannot start fasting the same day.

 “There is nothing strange with them starting fasting tomorrow – it happens. This is because we are of different regions so sometimes the sighting of the moon differs. But Muslims should be advised that we haven’t received any reports about the sighting of the moon  here in Malawi. So,  fasting will kick off on Saturday inshallah,” he said.

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