Go for Issue Based Politics Not Handouts – MUSFORD

Kawinga: Let's vote wisely
Kawinga: Let’s vote wisely

Muslim Forum for Democracy and Peace (MUSFORD) has urged Muslims in the country to go for issue based politics ahead of the forthcoming tripartite elections. The call was made on Sunday at the lecture theater hall at college on medicine in the city of Blantyre.

In his speech, the director of the organization Jafari Kawinga said that it’s been a long time people have been voting for politicians who are not helping the country.

“Next year on 20th may, vote for a member of parliament who is bringing issue based politics. All along we have been voting for MPs based on handouts. We have to change the strategy of selecting our representatives. They should bring issue based politics not handouts,” said Kawinga.

Kawinga further said that his organization is committed to help in the sensitization of the Muslims in the country ahead of the elections next year.

“We will embark on monthly programmes with the youth to reach as many people as possible. By the time of elections, we need to sensitise many Muslims in the country. We are fully certified by MEC to conduct election awareness campaign. So we are leaving no stone unturned until everyone understands the importance of voting for people who will represent us not satisfying their ego,” he said.

The former MAM chairperson for Blantyre also advised Muslims to go for positions that will enable them to become leaders next year.

“Malawi is our country. We can join any political party and compete for positions of our choices. We can aspire to become councilors, we can aspire to become members of parliament and we can aspire to become the state president nobody can stop us. We would like to have as many Muslim members of parliament as possible. We also need good representation in the august house. That’s why we are here to encourage you to go for the positions of your choices,”

MUSFORD is a non governmental organization registered under CONGOMA. The organization was formed to provide checks and balances to the government and protect the rights of Muslims in the country.

Reporting by Hassan Bhoma Phiri, Correspondent

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