In the name of freedom of expression, they attack Islam


It’s my birthright to defend Islam, from this point I would like to remind fellow brothers and sisters in Islam how enemies of Islam are working tirelessly defaming our religion, in the past, when so many attacks were launched against Islam under an open and unabashed crusader flag, various popes used to encourage some fanatics to write booklets containing lies against Islam and against the Prophet of Islam, distorting his message and reviling his religion.

After the church withdrew from this activity, the number of these attacks was obviously reduced. Yet they did not stop altogether. They took another form under a different banner, the pretext of freedom of expression. Only the approach has changed. In contemporary world Nations, governments and some economic powers have used their privileges to attack Islam in the name of freedom of expression.

In the name of freedom of expression the Prophet has been photographed for several times, the image of Islam has been tarnished in the full knowledge that this actions burns hearts of billion and half billion Muslims around the universe, is freedom of expression has nothing to do with blasphemy!!

Here’re some of the examples of these offenders in the right of Islam; An apostate and heretic called Salman Rushdi wrote a book in which he reviled Islam, describing verses of the Quran as satanic and revealed by the Devil. He abused the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), his companions and his wives (RA), describing the latter as adulteresses.

Britain, defender of freedom rushed headlong to support and defend this man using as a pretext, the necessity of freedom of expression, which is in this case, the freedom of revile and curse. Even in the west no one has a right to shout fire in a crowded hall and escape the punishment for causing a possibly fatal panic, is it freedom of expression or weapon against Islam the way of life?

Yet one month before the publication of Rushdi’s book, the partisans of free speech violated freedom of expression when they banned the book, SPY CATCHER by Peter Wright. This inconsistency makes it clear that their freedom is to do as they desire, not as people of other religions earnestly request. Islam is the only hope; raise your head up because you’re a Muslim I conclude.

And I wonder if we were to complain to the British Judges against a person who falsely accused me of being adulterer, what then their judgment will be?!! Would they defend him and justify his right to slander? And if not, why do they use a deviant standard of justice concerning Rushdi’s book which reviled those who are more beloved to us than our fathers, sisters, wives and daughters? Is this the freedom of faith they export to other countries?

It seems to me that perhaps the one or two centuries of peaceful coexistence has not made British neo-crusaders forger their ancient hatred of Islam. It’s total hypocrisy for the western democracies to claim that they’re the watch dogs of freedom of expression, freedom of faith, freedom of dressing, freedom of worship. Our sisters in western countries are being treated as if they don’t deserve the honor, with simple things they’re being arrested on daily basis like wearing of HIJAB just to mention a few. No longer freedom of expression unless we’re told it’s freedom of expression to attack Islam and the Muslims, nevertheless Islam remains the way of life like it or not.


  1. This is very important story to share.What I see is that these people use ignorant people who have no an atomic size of knowledge about Islam. How ever, if the same people bump into a single subject on Islam,they begin pondering upon it, research until they embrace islam.Know that the best muslim convert is the strongest muslim potential.May Allah protect deen l'islam ameen and muslim ummat in its entirety.

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