IUIU Students Hailed for Developing Hands- Free Hand-Washer to Fight COVID-19

Two students of Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)- Kampala Campus have been hailed for Developing a hands-free hand-washer amid the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The students, Lucky Mwaka and Mansoor Muhammad who work at the institution’s research and innovation laboratory have developed the gadget to ensure hygiene and save water.

The Public Rations Officer of the institution, Madam Rehema Kantono says the students have developed the gadget in the right time when authorities are working tirelessly to defeat COVID-19.

“Congratulations team IUIU, this innovation is timely,” she says.

Zainab Shukran , a first year Bachelor of Nursing Sciences student commends the hands-free hand-washer because users will not supposed to touch the tap.

“It is a great innovation because there is no risk of touching the tap. It is automatic and no need to touch the tap because in so doing , the virus can be contracted,”

“When one puts hands, automatically water starts flowing and when it also stops automatically when one moves away hands” she told Campus Bee.

The inventors of the hands-free hand-washer, Lucky Mwaka and Mansoor Muhammad told BBC that the invention works using sensors and a solar battery-powered controller.

“Water is dispensed when hands are in close proximity with the tap, and closed when hands are moved away. So in cases where water is scarce, you use exactly what you need to wash your hands on. The hands-free washer is made from a plastic bottle, and so is the tap.” Mwaka says.

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