Let’s Embrace The Spirit of Contributing Towards Islamic Projects

Sh. Idrissa Muhammad seated
Sh. Idrissa Muhammad seated

Malawian Muslims have been urged to embrace the spirit of contributing in monetary form towards the realization of projects that we will make Muslims feel life at ease.

The call has been by the National Chairman of Muslims Association of Malawi MAM sheikh Idrissa Muhammad during the official opening of this year’s nation Islamic Ijtima on Saturday.

He said much as Muslims have been complaining of having few schools and health service centres just to mention a few, but wondered why the association received ant contribution from Muslims towards the construction of some of these vital structures.

Two years ago MAM asked Muslims across the nation to be contributing one kwacha every month towards the construction of a health and education facilities. But since that time, no single Muslim has responded towards the noble cause.

“As MAM, we have made several initiatives in realizing these dreams. We have been moving up and down lobbying donors as well as relevant authorities in the country so that we have  our high learning facilities  and hospitals. And I am pleased to inform you that our donors from Kuwait have  approved the budget and we will be commence the construction of the  university since the government has already  given us an approval on the same ,” he said adding “but this is what we as MAM are doing, what about you on your own? You have to contribute so that we can make this dreams come true.”

The Chairman said the contribution, can be made by district and those funds will be used to construct the structures in those areas.

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