‘Let’s Work as Bees’ — Matola tells ESCOM, pledges his support

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has pledged his support to ESCOM and urged them to be vigilant in coming up with solutions to the situation the institution is in.

Matola made the remarks during his interface meeting with Escom Management at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre.

The minister was presented with the impact report of how Cyclone Ana has affected ESCOM and how the company is struggling to restore power to 100% capacity.

He said his ministry understands that the company is sailing through many challenges, but urged them to work as a team to keep their house in order.

“Let’s work as Bees. Let’s unite for common goal. If we work as a team we will be able to achieve more easily. If you have problems that need my attention, bring them forward. Your customers don’t care what you are going through — they just need electricity,” he said.

The minister also assured the company that there will be no more political interference on its operations, adding, it is what has been choking many parastatals including ESCOM.

“If you see any political person trying to intervene in matters that will jeopardize your operations, please report them to me. I will report them to the President,” said Matola.

Meanwhile, ESCOM Acting Chief Executive Officer Clement Kanyama said the company needs about Mk11 billion to replace and fix its transmission and distribution towers and accessories that were damaged by Cyclone Ana.

Kanyama also said the company is facing numerous challenges due to other government institutions that fail to honour their bills.

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