‘Malawi, a Failed State through Executive Arrogance’

Civil Society Leaders say President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is running a failed state through executive arrogance, oppression, impunity and selective justice, saying all this is unacceptable in a democratic era.

The leaders say time has come when people have to safeguard their rights and accountability, saying people can no longer keep on dancing to the tom-tom of lies, enough is enough, saying if Malawians are to hold people accountable, then, there is no best time than now.

They claim that the Government of President Dr. Chakwera has evidently failed to accord Malawians what they deserved for, they have been estranged from living the promised aspirations that had been sold to Malawians during the campaign period, saying people have to live by the promises that were made to them, lies cannot deceive them.

In a statement signed by Billy Banda, the Civil Society Leaders have called on the Anti –Corruption Bureau (ACB) to give a public report made in the fight against corruption including State House-Crossroads Hotel accommodation corruption scandal, the NOCMA allegation and the AIP within the next 7 days and is also asking the Judiciary to temporarily suspend hearing cases of corruption managed by the ACB until such a report is released.

A statement says the ACB should tell Malawians as to what happened to the funds spent after the cancellation of the 6th July,2020 celebrations and the progress over presidential jet sale under People’s Party Administration and how the proceeds were managed.

The leaders are asking the ACB to unfreeze the accounts of former President Prof. Peter Mutharika for failure to notifying Malawians on the crime that were committed, saying this is political persecution, assuring Government that they will not go to sleep when justice is inlet, undercoat selectively, they will never get tired of seeking answers.

“The hiring of Tony Blair Institute has shocked Malawians with revelations that he will be providing technical expertise, and the purpose of having a bunch of Advisors who are equally enjoying the benefits as Cabinet ministers,’ reads part of a statement.

They are warning Government that Malawians will not be able to accommodate TBI, these people are not welcome in the country saying if anything, the Tonse Government should pronounce its failure to govern this country, advising it to resign honourably and allow Malawians to call for another Fresh Elections in which ably mandated people can be elected to take this country forward.

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