Malawi Muslim Youths Request Authorities to Prioritise Secular Education

Muslim youths in Malawi are requesting authorities to prioritise secular education to enable them continue contributing positively to the growth of Islam and the country.

The youths have commended financial and technical support from various Islamic organisations to see many Malawians learning both Islamic and secular education.

However, they are requesting authorities such as Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) to prioritise secular education by constructing a number of outstanding primary, secondary schools and even an Islamic university.

“We are grateful that MAM and other organisations are showing interest in both Islamic and secular education but are requesting them to do more,”

“Muslims in the country have very few reputable primary and secondary schools. We can also have our Islamic university to be providing education to both Muslims and non-Muslims,” said Hassan Maulidi, a Muslim youth from Mangochi district.

According to Maulidi, lack of outstanding academic institutions is increasing a stereotype that Muslims are still backward when it comes to secular education.

“We have many Muslim youths who are intelligent but they are failing to make it to the university because of limited spaces in our universities . Having our own university can help us to be educating a lot of Muslims every year,” he said.

Another Muslim youth from Dedza, Jaffar Meke said MAM is playing a great role in bringing various significant projects but the body should try requesting well-wishers to construct an Islamic university.

“MAM should be commended for bringing various projects in the country such as mosques, primary schools and health centres. I am requesting the body to ask well-wishers who bring other projects to give the Malawi Muslim community an Islamic university that can benefit our generation and generations to come,” he said.

Meke added that , the idea needs collaboration of all Muslims in the country.

“This is not meaning that the task is for MAM only. All Muslims in the country have a role to see our secular education base growing,”

“We should admire how other religious faiths are shaping their education hubs. They are intensively investing in education and health. They have strong academic institutions and health facilities,” he said.

Malawi is one of Sub- Saharan Africa countries with high number of Muslims.

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