Malawian Christian Fined For Using Quran as Toilet Paper


Charles Nembele Chipolopolo, a Christian young man who sells beans at Mangochi Turn-Off was fined 30 chickens after found guilty  for using  the Holy Quran as a toilet tissue in his pit latrine in a traditional authority Nsamala in the southern district of Balaka, Malawi, according to Radio Islam Malawi.

The radio reported that a group of Muslims in the area dragged the man to traditional court for using the Holy Quran in his toilet where he apologised for the mistake late on.

In His remarks, the group village headman Chief  M’manga, before referring the matter to his senior, the Traditional Authority Nsamala,  said it was sad that Chipolopolo chose to use pages of the holy  Quran as toilet tissues instead of papers which he said are readily available in the area.

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