Malawian Muslim Students Graduate From (IUA) Sudan

Well done

Every journey has a destination just like there in inlet and outlet. Education is not easy journey and it takes several years to reach the destination on other hand, vanquishing ignorance requires catalysts. Islamic Zakaat Fund is the universal catalyst Malawian Students at International University of Africa (IUA) in Sudan.

The fruits of this organization are unquestionable due to the increase of graduates every year. This year, seven Malawians out of 118 have graduated in various fields at the International University of Africa, situated in the heart of Sudan, Khartoum.

Names of the graduated students include: Jaffari Mustafa and Mahamood John; faculty of economics majoring accounting, Shaffie Edward, Attaul-Haqq Mtambo and Ismael Kaunda; Faculty of Economics majoring Economics itself. Zulian Mponda: Faculty of Computer Studies and Luckson Sumail; Faculty of Education, majoring Geography.

The graduation took place on Monday, the 8th of October at  Al Munazzamat Al-Da’ah Al-Islamiah hall. It was blessed by several activities such as songs, poems speech from different individuals in bidding farewell as well as giving final respect to the graduates.

Islamic Zakat Fund (IZF) as usual was not idle player on this wonderful function. It showed its final salutation to its graduates by funding the program. Other organizations such as Organization of Foreign Students and  Munazzamah Al-Da’ah Al-Islamiah (MDI) in Sudan also funded the graduation ceremony.

Top leaders and their followers also flocked to attend the function despite their financial support. This symbolized the honor that Sudanese have their visitors. Invited guests from difference organizations, landed earlier as they were eager to sing, chat, dance and eat with the graduates.

Some of the guests were Ibrahim Mustwafah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah; both from Munazzamah Al-DA’ah al- Islamiah. Ahmed Sayeed and from African Foundation, Mahad Adam Al-kayyeesi, the lecturer at International University of Africa and he was the Director of Assalam Muallim Training in Mangochi, Malawi. The chairman of Department of students relations and activities at IUA, The Director of foreign students, Abdul-LLAH Makki and Hydar, MDI account department.

The climax of the ceremony reached when other students from different countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana and Somalia started featuring Chichewa songs while dancing regardless of their meanings. On the other hand, guests also jumped up and down dancing despite their responsibilities. All graduates were heavy with gifts at the end of the ceremony.

Malawian Students at the International University of Africa in Sudan are scattered in various fields ranging from Medicine, computer studies, Information Technology, Islamic studies, International Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Education, Economics where has different branches; Accounting, Administration and political Science, Pure Science, Arts and Lab & Technician. It is likely that the next few years. The Muslim community will no longer be insulted by the word “most Muslims are Illiterate”

By Idrissah Chirombo and Patrick Wassie

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