Malawian Students Land Saudi Scholarships: Ask Well-Wishers to Fund their Trip to Tanzania

Four Malawian students are asking well-wishers to finance their trip to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to collect their VISAs and undergo medical checkup ahead of their academic trip to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

One of the students Abdulwaheed Bwanali
From Likala village, Tradition Authority Chimwala in Mangochi district told Muslim Media Agency, that the Islamic University of Madinah admitted them on a fully funded scholarship this year (2023) but they are facing financial challenges to finalize the process.

“On 1st January, 2023 , the University sent our VISAs to Saudi Embassy in Tanzania where we have been advised to go and collect in person before 20th February, 2023. So, looking at the economic challenges, we can’t manage to go that is why we are asking well-wishers to support us,” he says.

According to Bwanali, transport from Lilongwe to Dar es Salaam is MK 120,000 and medical fee is USD 150 equivalent to 160 thousand kwacha and in total they need about MK 270,000 per person .

According to addmission list that Muslim Media Agency has seen, Two students have been enrolled in Science department while the other two will pursue Islamic studies. The semester at the university begins on 12th March, 2023

Well-wishers can contact brother Abdulwaheed Bwanali on +265888857751.

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