MAM leadership should be respected

It has been narrated on the authority of Ibn ‘Umar that the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) said: “It is obligatory upon a Muslim that he should listen (to the ruler appointed over him) and obey him whether he likes it or not, except that he is ordered to do a sinful thing. If he is ordered to do a sinful act, a Muslim should neither, listen to him nor should he obey his orders.”

Malawi Muslim leaders deserve to be respected because they are leading several Muslims in the country.

The audio clip circulating on social media by a man called “Madengu ” aimed at defaming Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is uncalled for.

The content in the audio clip is a threat to Muslim community and it is shameful to come from a person who claims to be a “Muslim”. Muslims respect their leaders according to scriptures.

“Madengu” is spreading unsubstantiated information that MAM through its Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah secured funds meant for construction of Mosques and Schools. Such allegations lack validity.

Any lie about MAM has disastrous effects on Muslims in the country. The strange action by “Madengu” can make Malawians lose trust in the association’s leadership. MAM believe in transparency and accountability when discharging its duties.

MAM spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika advised people who need clarification on some issues concerning MAM to follow proper channels unlike abusing social media for personal benefits.

Malawians should not believe in such accusations made to tarnish the image of MAM.

MAM Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah is a good person who needs to be respected all the time. He is leading all Muslims in the country with Allah’s help and defaming him is a serious offence.

The Muslim leader never said that Turkish gave him money to construct Mosques and School but he said the trip to Turkey was fruitful as he lobbied Turkish to bring some projects in the country.

Last month Sheikh Idrissah attended a five-day African Muslim Leaders Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

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