Mam Wants Improvement From Islamic Schools

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has urged Islamic schools in the country to improve their service delivery. The call has been made by MAM’s National Education Coordinator Radi Afick Kangomba. Kangomba said that this new academic year, Islamic schools should work extra hard and improve the number of students going to the university of Malawi and other colleges.

“We want to tell our schools to work as a team and aim at achieving one common goal and be great at the end of the day. If our schools come up together and brainstorm their problems they will be successful. They will send more to the university. If our Islamic schools come up together they will improve tremendously as you know united we stand. But if they choose to go alone we will continue complaining that we are not doing much on education,” said Kangomba.

The MAM education officer further said that as the Islamic mother body they will facilitate some meetings with the managers and owners of these Islamic schools to find a way forward.

“We are definitely going to have meetings with these schools and hear it from them what their problems are and possibly map the way forward how we can help our schools. Our performance last academic year was pathetic. Less than 30 students from our Islamic secondary schools made it to the university. This is a small number comparing to the number of Islamic schools that we have In the country,” he said.

Muslims in Malawi have been complaining with the performance of Islamic schools in as far as sending students to the University of Malawi and other colleges. Some Islamic secondary schools in the country take years to send a student to the university. Of late, Lilongwe Islamic Secondary School, Dedza Girls Islamic Secondary School, Assalam Boys and Girls have been trying to send students to the universities both locally and international.

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