MCTU Thanks Government for COVID- 19 Preventive Measures

Malawi Congress of Trade Union ( MCTU), has thanked the Malawi Government for taking preventive measures that have to be followed by all workers, employers, public institutions and all other Malawians in order to keep Malawi, a Covid 19 free nation.

MCTU observes that Covid 19 has serious social and economic effects on economies, on work, and on workers that the anti- Covid 19 measures announced by the President in some cases lack enforcement and an enabling allocation of resources to ensure that the response is robust.

In view of the foregoing observations, MCTU demands that NO WORKER in Malawi will lose a job due to the Covid 19 and in the event of a LOCK DOWN, workers must be paid their salaries and other employment benefits until such a time it is safe to work.

This is contained in a statement signed by its Secretary General, Denis Charela Kalekeni dated 26th March, 2020.

In the statement, MCTU is demanding that all employers should ensure that they observe and follow all the labour laws.

MCTU is calling upon the general public to be honest and responsible during this period of the Covid 19 by self- quarantine or reporting any case or symptoms of the Covid 19 to the appropriate authorities so that together we manage the situation.

“MCTU is proposing a 100% tax relief to workers within a specific salary bracket of MK 40,000 to MK100,000, reduction of income tax and removal of VAT on all food and non- food items,” reads part of the statement.

MCTU is asking government to consider providing some financial packages, cash transfers, and supplying free food to vulnerable workers and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSMEs) and their families in order to survive the negative impacts of Covid 19.

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