Muslim Entrepreneur Gets US Support

Innovative Muslim youthful entrepreneur Jaariah Misyaje,22, is one of the beneficiaries of 60,000 US dollars from the United States African Development Foundation.

The US Embassy in Lilongwe says the money will the beneficiaries boost their businesses.

“Congratulations to these six women entrepreneurs for receiving MK48,331,100.00 (US$60,000) from United States African Development Foundation! Jaariah Misyaje, Lucy Msukwa, Chimwemwe Mkwezalamba, Chiza Mhango, Idah Mwawa and Martha Madziatera are all alumnae of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) program implemented for the first time in Malawi in November 2020,”

“AWE provides women entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and networks needed to start and scale successful businesses. We wish you all the best in your endeavors,” reads a statement issued by US Embassy in Malawi.

Jaariah Misyaje is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Statistics as a Major and Mathematics as a Minor at the University of Malawi.

“School aside I am a young leader and an entrepreneur. I have participated in several youth entrepreneurship programs. For instance, I participated in the DOT Impactathon which was hosted by Mhub in 2018, FEMBIOBIZ season 3, and Jobs for Youth (j4y) program in 2019. I am passionate about being a driver for change by involving communities in advocating for environmental conservation. I am a Co-Founder and the Board Chair of Environment Friends Limited which is a non-profit that advocates for environmental conservation,” Misyaje told the Malawi Muslim Website in 2020.

The young entrepreneur added that” We offer clean-up services to some informal settlement areas within Zomba and we also offer waste collection and disposal services. Our dream is to use research and innovation in solving environmental issues. Primarily we are focusing on proper waste management and we plan on being a company that will take a leading role in coming up with ways we can deal with the problem of poor waste management. One project that has popped up from waste management is biogas production. We are yet to produce our first prototype and we hope that by the end of this year, we should have a prototype.”

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