MUST Retains Muslim Girl Who Graduated with Distinction

Nsamila receiving a gift from president Peter Mutharika.

Eneless Rasheedah Nsamila, a Muslim girl who graduated with Distinction in Bachelor of Science in Earth Science (Geology) at the first congregation of Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in 2019 has been employed as Assistant Lecturer of Space and Earth Science at the same University, Malawi Muslim Website can exclusively report.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi Muslim Website, Nsamila says the new task is challenging but with God’s help, she will be diligent.

“I am currently working at MUST as Associate Lecturer of Space and Earth Science. Coping up It is really a challenge, but Allah Subuhana wat’ala said “Allah does not task any soul beyond its capacity…” (2:286), so I do believe that the same principles that I used to get a distinction will still work for me to be most effective and cope up with this challenge. Hardworking does not have a limit,” Nsamila told Malawi Muslim Website.

She says it is God’s plan for her to get the good job right after finishing her studies and being a girl did not limit her to dream big in life.

“Being a Lecturer, it is just huge to me and it is a paramount blessing to be accounted every now and then. And to get employed just after completing my studies is amazing. It is an encouragement to myself and my fellow youths that we need to rise to the top since it is less crowded so that we can increase our opportunities in life,”

“And being a female, this doesn’t deprive me from working as it is nicely described in Surat al-Qassas how prophet Shuaib’s daughters had to work as their father was an old man. Their etiquette and modesty while working with a group of men can be a great example for all women. There is even a verse in the holy Quran that shows the importance of women’s financial independence: ‘To men belongs a share of what they have earned and to women a share of what they have earned…’ (4:32).So this is what it means to me,” she says.

Nsamila says her lecturing field (Space and Earth Sciences) aims at equipping students with an understanding of major events in the geological evolution of the earth that ultimately led to the establishment of the current earth system.

“Topics include the atmosphere (past and present), ocean currents, surface currents and global oceanic conveyor belt, atmospheric circulation, heat budget and balance, weather and climate, rock weathering, soil formation, erosional and depositional landforms produced by running water, wind, glaciers and sea waves and glacial periods,” she told Malawi Muslim Website.

Nsamila says she has plans to go further with studies (Master’s Degree and PhD) in the future.

Nsamila was the only female student who graduated with a distinction from Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences of Malawi University of Science and Technology.

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