MUSYO Distributes Qurbani to Zomba Central Prison

Musyo Chairlady handing over the donation
Musyo Chairlady handing over the donation

Tuesday, was a memorable day for the inmates of Zomba Maximum Prison when Muslim Sisters Youth Organisation (MUSYO) eastern region chapter distributed Udhiya/Qurbani to the prison as part of the Eid-ul-Adha celebrations.

The function took place immediately after prayers held at Zomba High School Ground.

The 100 slaughtered goats were donated by Zamzam Foundation.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Chairlady for MUSYO Jamila Shareef said her organisation decided to share Qurbani with the inmates because Islam encourages sharing especially during this Eid-ul-Adha celebrations where Muslims are encouraged to slaughter animals and distribute it to the needy.

“We just wanted to show that we haven’t forgotten them. We know by this time some would have been with their families slaughtering animals – that is why we thought of coming here to share with them whatever we have so that they can also enjoy this Eid,” she said.

Inspector Mzumara handing over the donation to the Muslim inmates

The chairlady therefore advised the inmates to keep on remembering Allah.

“It is not all of you who are here are wrong. Some of you are here because may be you failed to defend yourself thus serving a sentence of someone which you were not supposed to. So, it is important to keep on praying – Allah will answer your prayers and find yourself out of this place,” said Shareef.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow inmates, Abdulmalick Chapuma said he was very thankful to the women for the donation. He said the donation was timely and that it means a lot to them.

“We feel at home to see our mothers and sisters here. This meat will indeed help us as we will be part and parcel of this year’s Eid Adha celebrations. We have never received a donation like this before – it is just like a miracle. May Allah bless you,” he said.

In his remarks, Inspector Kondwani Mzumara, who was speaking on behalf of the Officer-in-charge, thanked MUSYO for the gesture saying the meat will help the inmates who have stayed for a long time without having a test of meat.

Apart from the Qurbani, MUSYO also donated Sugar and Soap to the female section.

Zomba has about 548 Muslim inmates (535 male and 13 female).

Eid-ul-Adha is the conclusion of the Hajj prigrimage when prigrims sacrifice an animal, traditionally a sheep, goat or cow. This commemorates the time when Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was willing to sacrifice his son to show his devotion to God. Instead he was commanded to sacrifice a ram.

Every year, Muslims around the world including Malawi sacrifice an animal and then distribute a portion of the meat to the needy as for many for many poor families, this is the only time of year they are able to test meat.

Reporting by Marshall Dyton from Zomba Central Prison

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