My Standpoint On “Hijab Muslim Sisters of Malawi”


Many people wonder and even ask one another for what reason do Muslims nowadays talk much about Hijab everywhere? That’s because everywhere Hijab is not practiced as the Divine Rule. So we will talk about it until we make sure the Ruling is taken accordingly. Another reason is that Shaitan is the great and leader of enemies of the Human Beings; and he likes bad activities. So if a woman does not dress as per Islam, Shaitan finds his way into her very easily and so enticing men to fall into a deep pit of tribulations.

I’ve just found after reading from the previous article; “The Hijab Muslim Sisters” are focusing on a very important task to which I mostly pay my full attention.

Many thanks to the group for coming up with this highly honored development. I hope the sisters will focus on most important features that depreciate the nature of Hijab in Malawi. I hope this group shall work perfectly according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, from where sisters and mothers will know the reality of Hijab. I say this from the point that I have seen Muslim sisters wearing trousers and covering their heads with a small cloth living their elbows on sun, which is wrongly referred to as Hijab.

Among the specifications of Hijab, there has not been mentioned anything of wearing a trousers! No problem or disease has ever been found due to the wearing of long skirts or dresses. I don’t understand why women and girls should cling in men’s style! Yet you find that it is a normal thing to see a woman wearing trousers, but when a man is seen in a dress, you rush with him to the mental hospital!  Our modern life has rapidly hypnotized our sisters! Now Hijab is not taken the way it is stated in the Devine Pages of the Holy Qur’an and everybody comes up with his own decision on Hijab…even non-Muslim controls the rule of Hijab over Muslims!

A Muslim woman has to wear clothes that will conceal the body and her nakedness; by wearing clothes that do not show the skin, such as see-through clothes, and do not show the shape of the body, such as tight clothes. Trousers are clothes that show the shape of a woman’s body and her nakedness, so for this reason it is NOT PERMISSIBLE for women to wear trousers! UNLESS she wears over it a wide or loose garment (Nkanjo). One of the aims of Islam is to protect people’s blatancies and avoid uncovering them, because taking this matter lightly is one of the means of falling into fornication/adultery (zinaa) and the things that lead to it which Allah (sw) has forbidden. The Muslim woman has to adhere to the Islamic etiquette in the way she dresses, moves and speaks. Allah (sw) says:

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies”

I thank Sister Kunje for leading the women towards this great development, and I hope Malawi will remain a leading Islamic country in our region if this problem is defeated.  May the Almighty Allah make this group a successful one,  protect our women and sisters and make them the best chosen among the people.


  1. Congratulations sisters for coming up with this decision, however just concetrate on one isue of how sisters should be puting on hijab otherwise organisations are mixing agendas at the end of the nothing is being achieved.

    Once again congratulations FOWARD EVER BACWARDS NEVER


  2. Thanks for what ever you doing about hijjab show but what ineed to know is,this hijjab show is only for rich sisters and highly scoulars? what if u need to develop on hijjab go to the villages and teach them about hijjab they even dont know how to put on, its better here in town at lealist, you can wonder why i am here with this comment just i was shocked when saw other sister looked at other sisters like nothing to them they thinking their better than please mind the day of daeth Allah is watchi

  3. Hijab is one of the big problems we are facing even here in Chingola, Zambia among our women. Its not strange to see a muslimah on the day of jumu'ah coming for Salah looking like the Kufar women look and when they get to the masjid, the go to the bathroom and wear their full Hijab, after salah they go back to the bathroom and take off the hijab and wear their clothes of Kufr, Subhana Allah! I think this issue is so big in our Ummah especially now such that I feel it should be addressed enough at the mimbar and other than that.

    • Brother Alex, we have to admit this problem, yes, but we also need to work tirelessly on guiding our sisters because they are those who are mostly afflicted by this worldly temptation. Hijab has become the most frustrating command of Allah in these days. What happens there in Zambia is what happens worldwide as well as in Malawi. I don't think there is someone nowadays who does not know what Hijab is and why Muslims talk about it…Wearing a Hijab at the time of Salat only is against the teachings of Islam. Islam teaches that Hijab must be worn anywhere except (optionally) in the house for her husband's sake. That is Islamic Hijab. While Christians believe that their hijab should be worn during prayers only. So what happens nowadays with Muslims sisters is the imitation of those non-Muslims, which is Haram, the Hadith says that whoever imitates a group, they are among them.

      Another problem I have observed is the Hijab styling; most sisters in Malawi, when they say "I'm in Hijab" you find that they are in jeans and blouse…they regard hijab as the small cloth worn in the head! This is totally ignorance and we need not to just look at his. Wearing of any trouser is Haraam! Except if it does not show the shape of the body. i.e. if it is worn inside the hijab so that none sees it (as contemporary scholars say)

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