Nazaf to Cheer Nsanje flood victims

A friend in need is a friend indeed, so goes Chichewa adage. The saying will come live soon as National Zakat Fund Association (NAZAF) takes relief items to the Flood victims in Malawi’s district of Nsanje.

Spokesperson for the organisation Bujard Kalera said this in an interview with Malawi Muslims website.

NAZAF’s main responsibility is to encourage Malawi Muslims to be paying zakat, which is one of the pillars of Islam.

Nevertheless, Kalera said ‘though the organisation focuses on zakat but it has thought of assisting people affected by floods in Nsanje district considering the extent of the catastrophe and that all people are affected including Muslims’.

Nsanje is one of the poorest districts which is found in the southern region of Malawi.

Annually the district is affected by flash floods due to the engorgement of Shire River, which passes through the area.

Reports indicate that thousands of people have been displaced forcing them to stay in camps.

Kalera said the organisation intends to donate maize and blankets among other items.

‘’As of now we have maize and some blankets. But we are asking Muslim individuals and organisations to join us by donating whatever they have so that we should atleast relieve our fellow Malawians who are suffering  due to the floods,’’ he said.

Apart from assisting the flood victims in Nsanje Kalera said that ‘we want to distribute relief food to Balaka and Salima where people are bound not harvest bumper yields due to erratic rainfall.”

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