Northern Region Based Muslims Ask MAM to Step Down – “We are Tired of Oppression, Tribalism”

MAM Chair: Under Pressure

Concerned Muslims from Karonga have asked Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) administration to resign due to nepotism, tribalism, monopolism, oppression and, selfishness, Malawi Muslims Official Website understands.

According to the letter sent to MAM which this website has a copy, the concerned Muslims from the northern region blames the Muslim’s mother body for the problems facing the region.

MAM secretary General has meanwhile confirmed receiving the letter.

The concerned Muslims wonder why MAM is having Yao people in all strategic positions.

“The implication of this is that Islam in Malawi is all for the Yao tribe specifically and no one else deserves to be a Muslim. The Yao Muslims of Malawi under MAM introduced and established quality Islamic literacy including all informal ones for their members to get educated so that they can monopolize the leadership positions everywhere else even away from their homes as it is the case in all Muslim communities across the country,” claims the letter.

The letter has also blamed the Muslim mother body for unfair enrolment of students in   Islamic learning centres that are in South and Central regions.

It states that ‘only students that are belonging to the Yao tribe are abundantly and redundantly being selected even if the interviews have being conducted at the heart of the Northern Region of Malawi’.

The concerned northern region Muslims accuse MAM of deliberately allowing Islamic organisations to be establishing Islamic infrastructure in the Southern and Central regions of Malawi.

“This scenario makes the Northern Region to be at a disadvantage in regard to development.

The concerned Muslims also blames MAM for being a causative agent of the deteriorating of Islam in the northern region and believes that the association has now become a political anchor that all political parties scramble for it to gain popularity from the electorate who belong to Islam as their belief.

“MAM is an Organisation that lacks long vision for the interest of Malawian Muslims. In every tenure of office, MAM recruits the majority of its members who are opportunists and corrupt who always think of themselves first instead of delivering the services to the public regardless of their region, tribe and whether majority or minority status. This happens right from the National Executive level to the district level.

“It is running Islam in Malawi as a political game rather than spiritual, as it considers the majority first in all aspects of Islamic developments while ignoring the minority and depriving them of their birth rights,” reads part of the letter.

The Karonga based Muslims therefore say they have discovered that as long as the Northern Region of Malawi remains under the “deceptive” authority of MAM, the area will not be Islamically developed because the association and its allies is not interested in the plight of the minority Muslims.

“This point alone is evident this year especially when MAM held their annual Islamic Congregation, IJTIMAA at Kamuzu Stadium where they spent Millions of Kwachas in a period of three days while the Northern Region is still languishing in total ignorance of Islamic literacy.”

 The concerned citizens have since asked MAM administration to step down before they take an unspecified action.

“We are tired of this kind of oppression and enough is enough,” says the letter.

However, in his response MAM Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar Idrus has downplayed the call for resignation saying the stated problems have been there since time immemorial.

“We are going to meet and discuss the grievances raised by the concerned Muslims. Their grievances are genuine,” he said.

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