Opinion: 100 Days of Tonse Govt: Malawians Waiting for Promises Including Cheap Fertilizer


Today, the Tonse Alliance Government has clocked 100 days since taking over from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). The Alliance promised Malawians Canaan saying DPP was underperforming.

Malawians are patiently waiting for the fulfilment of the promises including the cheap fertilizer, narrates Bright Malenga.

Few days ago, our Chief called for an impromptu meeting in our village in Nkhotakota district.

As usual, one man is appointed to be notifying all the villagers when something vital needs to be discussed. The man did as usual on the eve of the meeting.

You know what was the clue? The man was on top of his voice saying that officials from Ministry of Agriculture are coming to brief us on something vital. In our village if not all Malawians are eager to buy the said cheap fertilizer promised by Tonse Alliance Government.

When the day came, people filled the usual “Mango” tree where we always conduct our gatherings from chaired by our Dear Chief. I took my National Identity Card just as everyone ready to battle for my name to be included on the list of the people who are likely to benefit from the said cheap fertilizer. Surprisingly , when the man was announcing about the meeting, never said of carrying IDs when coming. You can then imagine that the cheap fertilizer promise will either break or build Tonse Alliance Government.

As everyone, I was eager to see the Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture but I saw none. I fumed silently knowing that maybe the meeting could be postponed. You can understand because the meeting had no agenda apart from knowing that our Chief will chair it. I engaged myself in a soliloquy thinking that again my name won’t appear on the list of people who will benefit from the cheap fertilizer. I didn’t want to give up. I continued waiting as everyone to see what was covered in the golden box brought by our Chief.

In her calm voice, our Chief stood up and began addressing the crowd. Probably, that was my first time to witness such a crowd under the tree to listen to our Chief. You can understand how hungry people are to buy the cheap fertilizer. She continued to address the crowd and it was not even an inch from our expectation: we wanted to hear of cheap fertilizer but it was something different. This time it was something to do with health.

She said ” I want to tell you that we have been advised to team up and work hand in hand with Government to construct our own Heath Centre in this village. That is why I have called you this morning.” I was a bit upset but after realizing how health issues have been hitting us hard in our village, I fully endorsed the idea.

I told myself that had it been that we had a health centre when I was about to breathe my first oxygen, my mum couldn’t struggle to travel kilometres to Chididi Health Centre. I was told that mum gave birth to me near a certain river when she was travelling to Chididi Health Centre. It is far away from our village and I fully supported the idea.

It’s good that at last , villagers in our village will no longer travel to Chididi or Mpamantha to que for Panado. Not that that is the only medicine in the said hospitals, but Malawi Government should increase supplying essential medicines in the rural health facilities. Proudly, in our village, soon , we are having our own health centre.

It is awesome that we will no longer sweat to seek medical help, BUT in our village, people are also eagerly waiting to buy cheap fertilizer. The promise is a mega one made by Tonse Alliance Government led by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr Lazarus. I wish the current Government well.

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