Ramadan 2014—Sifting through the behavioral baggage—episode 8

The month of Ramadan is one of those times when spirituality can easily be attained. Yet one of the best ways on bringing your Iman   back to the highest level  in your ‘Iman- bar chart ‘ is by praying on time. Not only will “Prayer performed on time” revive your faith but is also a recommendation that is reported by the prophet to be the most beloved deed by Allah (ref. Bukhari and Nasaai)

In this article, I will quickly explain how to develop a habit of performing prayers on time. As I was going through some updated feeds on internet, I came across a status containing tips on how to achieve this task. Below is a good summary of it;

“…Even though technically speaking the absolute end of the time of prayer is the entrance of the next prayer (with the exception of Fajr), force yourself to pray Dhuhur, Asr, and Isha within 1 hour of the adhan, and Fajr and Maghrib within 30 minutes of the Adhan.

Obviously Maghrib is really preferred within an even shorter time and Isha can be delayed, but this is an exercise for the one who is having trouble praying on time. You can obviously, sometimes, delay any prayer within a permissible time frame if you have an obstacle such as an exam, work, etc. But make that the exception and not the norm.
Place an alarm on your phone and tell yourself that if I go beyond that 30 minutes or 1 hour for the specific prayer, I would’ve “missed” the prayer.”

With that, I pray that peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

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