Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Grace IIB’s Lusaka Office Launch

Lusaka IIB office

Lusaka: Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Zambia H.E Hassan Abdul-Rasheed Attar on Saturday will be at the official launch of Islamic Information Bureau’s new office in Lusaka, Zambia. The function is going to be held at InterContinental Hotel in the Capital City.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website Sheikh Dinara Chabulika the National Coordinator for the Islamic Bureau in Malawi said it pleased the organisation to open the bureau in Zambia after realising that being neighbouring countries, these two countries share the same misconceptions about Islam like any other countries in the southern African nations.

“Zambia is one of the countries where Islam is taken as a foreign religion. Muslims here share the same misconceptions with Malawians. This is so because there are no enough places where Non-Muslims can get information about Islam. So, when our friends approached us after seeing the work we do in Malawi, we didn’t hesitate but to help them considering that we are one people,” said Chabulika.

The Zambian Islamic Information Bureau was opened ten months ago and it has been conducting different activities including Arabic lessons, which have attracted many Muslims and non-Muslims alike but it was not yet officially launched.

Prior to the launch, on Thursday, the Ambassador organised a dinner for the officials from Malawi as well as prominent Muslims in Zambia. The dinner took place at his compound in Lusaka near the Presidential Palace.

The event is expected to attract many dignitaries including Zambia’s Minister of Information, Honourable Given Lubinda, ambassadors from Islamic countries and many other prominent people from different religious backgrounds.

The IIB office is located at Westgate Mall Room NO. 21 between Freedom way and Lumumba Road.

Reporting by Marshall Dyton from Lusaka, Zambia

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