Teacher’s resignation in Islamic institutions affects students-Witness

Albarakah Charity Trust has expressed concern over the increased number of teachers who resign in each and every term in Islamic institution describing it as a contributing factor to poor performance of the students

Acting Executive Director for Albarakah Charity Trust Saidi witness made the remarks to Malawi Muslims Official Website in an exclusive interview saying this problem is common especially at Assalam Boys and Mama Khadijah Secondary schools.

“This is a great concern to us because students are disturbed in the process since every teacher comes with his/her knowledge and it affects the interaction of a teacher and the students.”

Islamic institutions are facing more challenges-Witness

“They get enough salaries and good accommodations  as the government secondary school teachers get but the main reason  is that they resign from the Islamic  institutions to government institutions to look for looms of promotions since our institutions cannot offer them and that’s a main challenge as of now.” Said Witness

He further asked the well wishers (individuals and organizations) to take part in supporting needy students in all the Islamic institutions since the targeted students who benefit from the Alibarakah Charity Trust come from the poor families.

“The total amount of school fees for example at Mama Khadijah Secondary school is k120, 000 and we ask their parents and guardians to pay k40, 000 only but they even fail to do so that is why am calling upon the well wishers to assist these students in all the Islamic schools in which this problem is common,” said the Acting Director.

Albarakah Charity Trust further asked Islamic institutions to change its education system by making a partnership with the government in order to reduce some of the burdens they meet.

“ we are asking these institutions to make a good relationship with the government by allowing the government to take part on these institutions like other Christian schools do, they are owned by the Christians but they give a space for the government to send other students who do not belong to that church and the government sends its teachers meaning to say they get all the benefits from the government and they cannot resign, the same thing should happen to these Islamic institutions.”


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