The Real Reason Why “Tipange Dawa” Is Off Air


The Real Reason Why “Tipange Dawa” Is Off Air

By AbdulMageed  Dyton

Radio Islam (Malawi) has explained that the real reason why “Tipange Dawa” program is off air is not because the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) banned it but rather it was suspended by the Radio Islam management.

Radio Islam was reacting to the article that appeared on Malawi Muslim Website alluding to the fact that MACRA banned the popular program after the body received some complaints against the program.

“It is true that MACRA received complaints from our friends of the Christian faith and MACRA communicated (the complaints) to us in writing,” explained Sister Fatima Jafali, a Spokesperson for the Station, “…in fact, we are discussing with them to see how best we can resolve the issue.

“But is was not MACRA who banned the program, it was actually Radio Islam management who decided to suspend (its broadcast) so that the discussions are done in good faith.”

Asked to explain the specific complaints against the program, Sister Fatima explained that, “among other things they say that the preachers castigate Christians and that they quote Bible verses out of context.”

The complainants also suggested that instead, the program should only concentrate on verses from the Holy Quran and that it should not mention (at all) Jesus Christ or the Holy Bible.

“But it is difficult,” Sister Fatima lamented, “because Jesus Christ and the Bible are also mentioned in the Holy Quran, so how can we avoid mentioning them?”

It is not uncommon to see private radio stations in Malawi crossing paths with MACRA up to the extent of dragging it to court and Radio Islam is no stranger to this. But the station has managed to sail through those difficult moments and it is yet to be seen on how they will resolve the “Tipange Dawa” complaints.

“A meeting was scheduled yesterday, (Wednesday March 3, 2011) but was postponed since it was a public holiday (in Malawi) and we are waiting for MACRA to communicate a new date to us.” concluded Sister Fatima.


  1. chemwali just kungokambilana nawo and tell them kuti the trueth is painful, so they must wait for more pain.the pain blocks waiting for them.may ALLAH forgive us all.

  2. Insha Allah everything will be alright. It also calls for the producer of the program to open up his eyes on whether the method of dawah in question is the only type of dawah. I hope "Tipange Dawah" can apply to other types of dawah that even attract even non-muslim attention. Call for a meeting and lest we exchange the viable methods that is sustainable on air.

  3. Firstly no muslim is a muslim until he believes in Jesus Christ as a prophet of Allah.then how will it be possible for a muslim not to mention the name ISSA (Jesus) in his dawah especially if it is of comperative religious in nature?

    The world is a prison for the believers and a bliss (paradise) for the non believers so said our prophet Muhammad (SAW).we are really at a crossroads here which is again a test on our perseverance.who do we please? Allah or them? and are we prepared to stand for the truth or we will bow down to the worldly pressure? These are some of the questions we have to answer before making the decision.the fact in Islam is that we have to say the truth even if the truth is painful.

    May Allah guide us all.

  4. Zoonadi kapangidwe ka Dawah kamafunika nzeru ndipo lilime liziyenereka kukamba mmene Allah wanenera mu Quran mu Surat Annahl 16;125 ndiponso ena ambiri alipo ma aya okamba zakalankhulidwe.And thats why ndaona kuti chipembedzochi amene amachilemekeza kwambiri ndi anthu obwerera ku Chisilamu.Muone ambiri amene ali busy kuyendetsa Dini imeneyi ndi obwerera,mwamantha osati modzikudza ayi.Choncho make an agreement kuti Dawa ikapangidwa,sit down and take your time to listen to it and make sure it has to be scrutinised very carefully ngati mmene mumandipangira ndikapempha kuti ndipange nawo live broadcast inorder to make sure not to cross the expected limits.Mind you zandikhudza kwambiri when I heard the Tipange Dawah has been terminated because myself as Opanga dawa,zandikhudza because it will slow the Dawah escalation.I wish you could know what people in Malawi print about Muslims in Malawi pa Internet+akuti tilipo 13%,zoona?I got the papers with me!MAY ALLAH GUIDE US INSHALLAH!

  5. A silamu amzanga nthawi yafika yoti tizizindikira zomwe zikuchitika. Chofunika kupanga chimodzi, ngati anthu a banja limodzi. lets hold our hands together. lets do dawa for ever and ever. discuss the issue and we be waiting to listen to the program again on our beloved radio. sister do to your best we trust you. macra leave us. we are in democratic society. this is what we call freedom of press.

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