The Right Way To Perform Jihad Using The Internet

Once the Prophet of Islam (SAW) was asked, “Which jihad is the greatest jihad?” The Prophet (SAW) replied, “That jihad which is done to make the Word of God supreme.”

Any battle that is to be won can be won only in its true battlefield, not in some isolated place. The modern world is a world of science and learning. All activities of success and failure are going on here in this field. Thus one who wants to make the word of God supreme in these modern times must exert his utmost to do so in this battlefield of intellectual activity, not physical confrontation.

If we take a closer look at this battlefield, we see that it is actually the completely universal Internet that is the true battlefield of today. In ancient times, muscle power was the decisive factor in war so all battles were fought on the physical battlefield. However, the battlefield has now shifted to an intellectual realm. In this sense, the Internet and not the conventional battlefield is the true battlefield of modern times. Thus one who wants to be credited with doing great jihad as directed by the Prophet (SAW) must strive to do so on the modern battlefield, which is the Internet.

It is a well-known fact that all modern intellectual activities proceed on the Internet. Everything, from political diplomacy to industrial success, is achieved mainly by exploiting the Internet. Here is the real fight and here lies true victory and true defeat. The need of ours is to make use of this modern opportunity for Islamic Da’wah. This is the real task that lies ahead of us.

What is this Islamic Jihad that is to be performed on the Internet? It is a strictly non-political campaign, completely positive, without any negative leanings in any sense of the word. It is not a protest against all the so-called conspiracies against Islam. It is not to organize confrontational activities against the supposed enemies of Islam. It is not to counter the disinformation in the modern media.

Contrary to all these negative activities, Islamic Jihad through the Internet is actually to extend the blessing of God Almighty to all mankind. It is the same task that is mentioned in the Quran as “…and God calls to the home of peace.” It is to fill up the ideological vacuum and spiritual gap that humanity is presently facing despite all its material splendors and technological advancements.

So one who wants to obtain God’s blessing and enter Paradise must avail this modern opportunity of the Internet so that the well-known prediction of the Prophet of Islam comes true, that a day will come when the message of God will enter every home, big or small. This will be that day when the blessings of God envelop all humanity and reach every human being, whether in the East or the West, the North or the South.

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