Use Social Media to Explore Opportunities – Muslim Youths Advised

Muslim youths in the country have been advised to avoid using social media carelessly.

The remarks were made by Hanif Munthali yesterday during a Daw’ah training workshop organized by iERA Malawi for its volunteers at Mama Khadija Islamic Centre in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Munthali, who is a long time volunteers of IERA Malawi said Muslim youths must use the social media to learn skills that can help them grow intellectually.

“Muslim youths have potential to excel but it feels bad to see some of us abuse social media. There are several opportunities on social media such as scholarships and fellowships but most of us focus on following unproductive pages,” he said.

Munthali who is the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and Global Health Corps fellow tipped the youths to search for information that is beneficial on social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.

“You can study different skills in ICT, Management, Engineering Health,and Religious Education on social media and receive certificates at the end. These certificates can boost your curriculum vitae and help you pivotal roles in the social economic development of Islam and the country at large,” he said.

From Saturday, 25th February to Sunday, 26th February, 2023, iERA Malawi trained its volunteers on advanced ways of conducting Daw’ah in line with the teachings of Islam such as GORAP. GORAP is iERA’s dawah conversation framework based on a Qur’anic methodology.

The framework allows volunteers to take any conversation about Islam directly to the foundations of the religion.The acronym stands for God’s Existence, Oneness, Revelation, Adoration and Prophethood.

The volunteers were also trained on nine parts of Shahadah that include the essence of having knowledge about Islam, being truthful, acceptance , being sincere , loving and avoid hate in the process of conducting Daw’ah.

Over 30 male Lilongwe based iERA volunteers were also trained on OSRP approach for conducting Daw’ah and the significance of teaching reverts about the basics of Islam.

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