Well-Wisher Decorates Education Centre in Mangochi

The family of MS Loonat in Cape Town , South Africa has donated a printer, laminate, backup torches and stationery to Hajj Nazeer and Naseema Education Centre in Mangochi district.

The principal of the school, Sheikh Mustapha Allie commends the family for the donation.

Sheikh Allie says the items alleviate challenges that the institution face.

“Our education centre is located in the village and we were struggling to print out learning and teaching materials. We used to travel long distances but now it is history. The backup torches are also important in making sure that the learners are concentrating on their studies 24 hours,” the principal told Muslim Media Agency.

Sheikh Allie says the school has strategized that it has put in place so that the items can last long.

“We will take care of the items so that they can benefit us for a long period of time,” he says.

Hajji Nazeer and Naseema and Education Centre is located at Kassim Village, Senior Chief Chowe in Mangochi district.

The centre has a primary school (standard 4- standard 8), madrassah ,nursery school, and a vocational centre that trains people in tailoring.

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