2010 National Islamic Ijtmah to Be Held in Mangochi

Some of the Muslim men who are expected to attend

National Islamic Ijtmah Organisation says this year’s Ijtmah will be held on October 8th 2010 at Old Airport in Mangochi District.

Organisation’s vice chairperson Sheikh Muhammad Idrisah confirmed this to Radio Islam during contemporary issues program which was monitored by Malawi Muslim Official Website on Wednesday.

“We would like to announce that this year’s National Islamic gathering will take place on October 8th 2010 at Old Airport in Mangochi district,” said Sheikh Idrisah.

When asked what people should expect from this year’s gathering, Sheikh Idrisah said:

“People should expect a lot from this event because there are so many new developments. There will be no worries of toilets as over 40 pit latrines are to be dug,” assured the vice chairperson.

According to Sheikh Issah this type of gathering was started about 40 years ago by Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) before their Organisation took over in 2007.

“We started organizing the event in 2007 after we took over from Malawi Muslim Association. We did this due to other problems that were there when they used to be both men and women and our first Ijtmah was in 2008 which was held in Liwonde, Machinga district,” he said.

In this year’s Ijtmah, Muslim Women are not allowed to attend due to Sharia law, according to the vice chairperson.


  1. i propose that the attendees to this ijtimah should also talk about the issue of hiv/aids and how it is affecting the muslim ummah.and let them propose the way forward on how the muslims should tackle this growing threat to the ummah.though this might sound crazy but i believe it will help both the youth and the old. it will help us muslims understand the issues sorrounding this disease better.let us accept that is not only immorality that causes this disease.traditional circumcission if not properly done can lead to acquiring this deadly disease.this is one of the examples.i bealive mangochi is one of the malawi districts where jandos are common and so is worth discusing this topic

  2. First I wish Muslim brothers a successful Ijtima, and I hope this year's Ijtima will be very special than ever before. One of the reason that can make this gathering special is by bring this contemporary topic like the one proposed by brother Rafeeq,I think failing to discuss such kind of topics then will just demonstrate that we are really not serious towards the future of the Ummah. Its our responsibility also as Muslim to discuss about the power sharing and how we can contribute to the development of our country,instead of just being there as a watch dog who can not be heard nor respected. Its high time that the Ummah should wake up and think of tomorrow, time is not on our side, whom are we waiting to discuss such kind of issues on behalf of us!! Long live Ummah.

  3. Praise be to Allah who enabled us here in Malawi to have established our own annual gathering as muslim ummat.For sure the expected issues there are the ones that include national issues that concern muslims and Malawians as a whole.Also how to rectify some muslim problems from within and outside.

    The title of this year"Importance of alms" is a very good one at another angle but i feel all the listed sheikhs can not dwell on the same topic.Some should,i feel,tackle muslim issues at circular level,political level,health level and other issues.

    All the best to the attendees.

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