2012 Ijtmah Organising Committee Yet to meet Its K8 million Budget

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    Skeptical Malawian Muslims: Are we going to have ijtmah this year?

    Organising Committee for this year’s Ijtmah has finally admitted that it has not yet met its K8 million budget and it is appealing for more funding, Malawi Muslims Official Website has learnt.

    According to the information gathered by this website, the committee has only managed to source K5 million out of K8 million leaving them with a short fall of K3 million.

    “…We would like to appeal to you all for donations either in kind or financially…The budget for Ijtima is K8 million and currently we have a shortfall of K3 million,” says the committee’s Secretary General William Mpanda in an email circulated to potential traditional Muslim donors which Malawi Muslims Official Website has a copy.

    In the email, Mpanda says all donations should be deposited directly into National Bank Current Account no:0001000000627, Victoria Avenue Branch, Blantyre.

    PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE assist and We make Du`aa that Almighty Allah enrich you many more times for your donations and reward you in this world and the hereafter, Ameen,” appeals Mpanda.

    This year’s Ijtima has been organized in conjunction with The Supreme Council of Ulama in Malawi, Muslim Association of Malawi and Qadria Muslim Association. It is going to be held at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre City from the 5th to 7th October 2012 with the official opening ceremony 2:00pm on Friday the 5th October 2012, according to the Secretary General.

    Mpanda also says this year’s Ijtima will be historical, as it is expected to draw prominent Muslim leaders from other countries as well.

    “For your information, we have confirmations that our Muslims brothers from Tanzanian, Zanzibar and Kenya are coming to attend the Ijtima. We are yet to get confirmations from South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique,” he said.

    On security concerns at Kamuzu Stadium, Mpanda said Muslims should not worry as everything is under control.

    “We were indeed assured of the safety as our members will not be chanting and jumping like football fans. The sitting arrangement is the VIP section will be used as our stage whilst the majority will sit on the football artificial turf, of course, we have planned to cover the turf and no eating will be permitted on the turf.

    “In addition, we are going to hire tents to be erected on either side of football pitch outside the goal area to provide shelter to our brothers. We believe there are going to be few people sitting on the stands listening to our Sheikhs. Be assured of security as our security committee is busy coming up with modalities to mitigate any risks,” said Mpanda.


    1. The Malawian Muslim Youth in Netherlands wishes the National chairman of Ijtimah committee brother Bitton Ajawa and the entire muslim ummah in Malawi the very successful 2012 IJTIMAH inshaa allaah. May the Almighty Allah grant us all love amomgst each other so that we should remain a united muslim ummah so as to defeat any army of the enemies of Islam inshaa allaah.

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