2014 Ijtma: Muslims in Malawi Press for inclusive Govt


    Muslims in Malawi conducted this year’s annual Islamic Ijtima with a strong message to the Government that they need to be included in the top position as well.

    The three day function which started on Friday was held in Zomba city under the theme ‘The future of Islam in Malawi’.

    The event organized by the Ulama council of Malawi is designed to bring together Muslims annually with an aim of deliberating on important issues affecting their community.

    In his keynote address, secretary General for the Muslim Association of Malawi bemoaned the appointment of only a single Muslim in a cabinet portfolio Atupele Muluzi who is son to the former President Dr Bakili Muluzi who ruled the country between 1994 and 2004.

    “As Muslims we believe we have the capacity to take part in issues of governance and as such we also need to be appointed in those strategic positions,” he said.

    Sheikh Salmin said “as a Muslim mother body, we are concerned with some policies in this country which believe is a deliberate effort to dilute the religion of Islam. This is because we have few to represent our views in government.”

    He said such effort could easily be identified by the policy which allows non Muslims to be given land in the districts dominated by Muslims such as Mangochi, the introduction of double shifting in Government owned Primary schools which does not give ample time to Muslim Pupils of attending Madrassah and the introduction of Bible knowledge in schools.

    He therefore said that Muslims in Malawi needed to do soul-searching on what went wrong for only 21 Muslims to make it into 193-member parliament in the just ended tripartite polls.

    Speaking at the same function Atupele Muluzi said being the only cabinet Minister from the Muslim community, it means he is the bridge between the community and Government which is led the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) hence appealing for support.

    He therefore mentioned lack of unity as a key to the problems Muslims are facing in the country.

    “There is a need for us to be meeting regularly and discussing pertinent issues that are affecting our religion. We cannot deny that we are having several challenges like in health and education sectors. But I believe if we remain united we can overcome such challenges within a short period of time.”


    1. Its a pity really to see a Muslim dominated area like Mangochi having powerful Christian radio station and so many churches… that’s underground war by these Christians and we need to open our eyes wider…May Allah protect our Deen Ameen

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