786 Does Not Have Any Postive Impact In Islam-Says Sheikh Dinala Chabulika


    If you go around you will see several buildings, minibuses written 786, but what is the truth behind this? Malawimuslim.com quoted Sheikhs in Malawi.

    Sheikh Amani Matiya says it is true that it represents bisimillah rahman raheem but denied to comment further saying these are difficult issues that you need to be careful when tackling.

    “786 represents “bisimillah rahman raheem’. When Imams sat down and played with figures, they came up with the conclusion that it represents ‘in the name of Allah the most merciful, the most compationate, and it has been used by many Muslims around the World ,” he confirmed.

    But sheikh Matiya said he don’t believe that someone get thawaab after reciting 786.

    “No! I dont think so. And you can not start to recite Quran by saying 786 with the hope that you have recited in the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Gracious,” he said.

    However, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said 786 does not represent bisimillah rahman raheem and it is an insult to God to say that.

    “786 is just a rumour that for a quite long time people have been thinking that it represents bisimillah rahman raheem but that is wrong. It is something that is there among the Hindus and they use it for the name of their god called ‘krishna’ and it is not for the Muslims,” he said.

    Sheikh Chabulika said this has been there because of the interraction of the Hindu culture and Islam but it has nothing to do with Islam.

    “This so because when you stay with other people for a long time, you interract with their culture,” he said.

    On rewards, Shekh Chabulika said:

    “No! That is not true. You receive rewards when you recite bismillah rahman raheem verbally. That is the only way you receive rewards from Allah,” he concluded.


    1. Thi is really aye catching topic, the 786 left so many questions in my mind for a quite long time,what is the secret behind this number and why many people believe that this number represent the word 'bisimllah rahman rahim' with my total respect to both Imams,I agree with what Shaikh Chabulika said that this number 786 has nothing to do with the word bisimllah rahman rahim,someone cant get Thawab after reciting 786. More strange to this you'll find that its India,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Myanmar who mostly believe in this. If you go back to history you'll find that the Greek used Numerology, this was a practice of adding up the the values of the letters in a word to form a single number.The number 786 came up with the additional of (2+60+40+1+30+5+1+30+200+8+40+50+1+30+200+8+10+40) The conclusion of thi matter from my point of view, I see that this number 786 cant be alternative to bisimllah rahman rahim,if khutbah of Jumuah is encouraged to be in Arabic language though Imams differ on this, only that they all agreed that if khutbah to be delivered in other than Arabic language only Qur-anic words should be in Arabic, so the word bisimllah rahman rahim is a Qur-anic word cant be represented with the number 786. Allah is the best knower.

      • Brother Maulidi, what you are saying is true. And I asked both sheikhs inorder to balance up the story but in real sense it does not represent Bisimillah rahman raheem. Thanks for your valuable comment.

    2. Thanks to Sheikh Chabulika. My ignorance has been on what is the significance of substituting Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem with this figure, whereas neither Bismillah nor any other Qur’anic verse has any substitute

      If this 786 could represent this Word of majesty, they would as well create more numerical surrogates for the whole Qur’an, like the link of the 19 letters of Basmalah with 19 guardians of Hell as in surat 74:31 “Over it are nineteen angels” … Allah Knows Best

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