A Sigh of Relief for Malawian ‘Black’ Muslim Women?

Muslim women: Have their duas finally answered?

Indigenous Malawian Muslim women have applauded Mufti AK Hoosen of Channel Islam International (CII) for granting them an audience, the thing which they say have been lacking for so long.

Previously, most of the programmes that were prepared for visitors who visit the country were not suitable for ordinary Malawian Muslim woman to attend. Of course, Malawian men are also not spared on this trend.

The programs were normally taking place in the evening and at venues that were not conducive for most ordinary Malawians.

Now, there seem to be a sigh of relief as a South African based Mufti who arrived in the country last week has asked the women to choose a place which is suitable for them.

The women have since chosen the Blantyre Masjid as their ideal venue with their program starting at 14:00 hours tomorrow.

Earlier, the program was scheduled to take place at one of the Asian brothers’ residence in Mandala but upon complains by the indigenous Muslim women, the program has changed.

In Malawi, there are so many issues that many Muslim women do not understand because they do not have an opportunity to discuss and ask questions on issues they do not understand. They normally sidelined and live ignorantly, which is very sad development.

One of Malawian Muslim women (name withheld) says with the expertise and experience Mufti Hoosen has, they are hopeful that they will find answers on so many issues that haven disturbing their minds.

She added that most of the people of this calibre when visit the country their meetings are conducted in places where it becomes difficult for ordinary Malawian Muslim to reach and worse still, most the times the programs are done at night.

She therefore urged fellow Malawian Muslim women to take advantage of the audience by going to Blantyre Mosque in large numbers.

About Mufti Hoosen

According to his profile, Mufti Abdul Kader Hoosen was born in Heidelberg in 1957. Through the Mercy and grace of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, he completed his hifz in 1970 and went on to complete his Alim course in 1980.

He completed his Masters studies through Rand Afrikaans University in 1990 and by the year 2000, he had taught and served as Vice Principal of the Newcastle Darul Uloom for twenty years.

Mufti Abdul Kader Hoosen is the Mufti of a satellite radio station called Channel Islam International and conducts many programs on air as well, one of the most famous programs being of course : Q & A.

Mufti Hoosen has attended and completed a course in Islamic Judgery (Qadhi) in Saudi Arabia and has delivered papers at conferences in the Middle East .

He served on the Shariah Advisory board of the Future growth Albaraka Equity Fund for a period. He presently conducts lecture tours internationally. He has delivered lectures in almost every part of Southern Africa, Kenya and Australia.

Mufti Hoosen is well-known for his extensive knowledge, particularly in the laws of inheritance and has conducted workshops for professionals, businessmen and theologians (ulama) in South Africa.


  1. Thank Allah that their duas have been finally answered and hope that their meetings will be fruitful and all their concerns addressed. I urge all Muslims to utilise this chance and make sure that they make themselves available if they are able to attend. My advice to the male dominant is please do not be a stumbling block to this opportunity granted to our mothers and sisters. This is something that according to them have been lacking. You have not been giving them this opportunity. So please let them use this ample time to gain the knowledge they have been craving for.
    May Allah make their meetings fruitful and increase their knowledge. Allahuma ameen

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