Al-Barakah Charity Trust To Open Boys Teachers Training College


    Having been satisfied with the success of Maryam Girls Teachers Training College, Al-Barakah Charity Trust, a local charitable Muslim Non-Governmental organization in Malawi is intending to open a males teachers training college in Machinga, Malawi Muslim Official Website has learnt.
    Speaking at the sidelines of the National Holy Quran Competition prize presentation ceremony in Limbe, Blantyre, Al-Barakah Charity Trust Executive Director, Mr. Ibrahim Milanzi said  a lot of young Muslims who have completed O-Level certificate (MSCE) are finding it tough to gain entry into the University of Malawi and therefore it will be in the interest of the Muslim ummah (community) if such students are turned into productive citizens by training them in various professions like teaching.
    Al-Barakah Charity Trust who built Maryam Girls Teachers Training College at the lakeshore district of Mangochi and handed it over to Bilaal Trust to run, is impressed by the College’s success hence the desire to build another college for males at Liwonde Township in Machinga District.
    “Maryam Girls,” Mr. Milanzi explained, “has so far graduated over 250 teachers who have been recruited in the Malawi Government service and we feel that we can do more by training more teachers.”
    Al-Barakah charity Trust is running various charitable activities in Malawi. It is running over 400 madressahs, a clinic and two secondary schools, with one of them, Mama Khadija Girls Academy being the biggest in the whole Southern Africa with an intake of about 1,000 students, according to the director.


    1. Assalam alaykum

      I am always impressed with your style of capturing news on Ypu really are doing a service to humanity. Keep it and May Allah bless you all.

      • we would appreciate really if the training school would be built in Machinga because Machinga is behind in islamic development, especially the infrastructures for madrassahs we need them much. this will make us here in Machinga to try hard and go to school and admire friends.

    2. It is a good idea to open a college where muslims can be trainned and later intergrated into the society as a whole. this will make muslims participate in the development of the nation and above all,the Islamic way of life will be appreciated. besides,this will tend to reduce the perception that some people have that Islam is all about such charitable works, you are telling the world that Islam is all about bettering lives of the people. May Allah reward you for these good works you are doing.

    3. Machinga is one of the disticts in Malawi harbouring many muslims.Ironically it is the least developed in terms of Islamic Infrasture.It is pleasing to hear that Al Barak is coming to arrest the situation.God willing the problem will be water under the bridge

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