AMP Mobilises the Energies and Ideas of Muslim Professionals in Malawi


    “I AM VERY pleased that we have adopted the constitution because this just shows that things are now moving in our grouping,” said Muheeb Banda, interim Chairperson of Association of Muslim Professionals at the fourth executive meeting on Sunday.

    The meeting, which was held at Limbe Islamic Information Bureau office, got underway at 09:30 am with a beautiful Quran Recitation by members of the committee. Matters on the agenda then moved along smoothly, with the meeting coming to a close at 11:45 pm.

    Marshall Dyton was elected as an interim General Secretary following the departure of George Ibrahim who is now ion Zanzibar to continue his law studies.

    Yassin Banda is heading Finance and Accounting department with Bashir Amin in information and technology department. Ahemed Chienda on the other hand is at the door step of Social Welfare and development while Idrissah Cassim is marketing and promotion department chairperson.

    The new secretary presented the previous minutes which was approved by the committee and led to the adoption of the Constitution and a logo.

    At the meeting, members agreed that all professionals including men and women are invited to join the association since having different views from different people will enhance the growth of the group.

    The Association is preparing to establish branches in all regions in Malawi.

    The next meeting is to be held on November 14th 2010 at the same venue at around 9:00 am.

    AMP is the Islamic Information Bureau’s idea which aims at putting all Muslim professionals together and discuss issues that will help towards uplifting of Islam in the Malawi.

    The main objective of the Association is to initiate and co-ordinate different social-economic development projects for the aim of creating more employment opportunities and improving the well being of Muslims in Malawi.


    1. Assalam alayikum!

      Praise is due to our Creator and Salawat to our last Prophet{S A W }.To be honest your coments brother makes me proud and feel the beauty of our lovely DEEN.May Allah grant you,and whoever contribute to this web more knowladge and better understing so that you/they can contribute more for our Ummah Insha Allah.Hope to join you there soon INSHA ALLAH….


    2. By the way what is the main objective of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). In other words, why the grouping?

    3. This is a good step. I would like to request all muslim professionals to join this grouping. Its cause is for the general well being of Islam and Muslims in Malawi

    4. Wishing you all Allah's blessing and help to enable you accomplish the goal of this organisation. It is indeed the duty of the muslim professionals to present Islam to their fellow non muslim professionals in a professional the same time is a motivating factor to the muslim youth to learn that there are muslims who are occupying high ranks and positions in the profession the old days it was something unheard of that muslims majorities are able to hold leadership and high rank positions and have trades and professions.

      Alihamdulillah, we are coming up now and reclaiming our position in society as we are commanded by our religion

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