AMP To Hold Seventh Meeting


    A newly to be launched Islamic organisation, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) will on Sunday the 26th December 2010 hold its seventh general meeting at Limbe Islamic Information Bureau from 09:00 to 12:00, the organisation’s president brother Muheeb Banda has confirmed to Malawi Muslim Official Website.

    “We are inviting all Muslim Professionals to come and attend our seventh meeting on Sunday and discuss things on how we can help towards the development of Islam in the Country using our skills,” he said.

    AMP is an Islamic Information Burea’s idea which aims at mobilising all Muslim professionals so that they should use their skills to develop Islam in the Country.


    1. Assalam alaikum brother(s),

      Praise be to Allah who has guided some muslims to come up with this brilliant idea of forming AMP.

      My questions are:

      1. who really is a professional? Who qualifies to be professional?

      2.In a normal situation where we have people qualified in different fields- i.e engineering,agriculture,teaching, health etc how is this association going to manage this scenario?

      Is it gonna be just one association comprising different professionals or will it be like each field to form own association i.e association of professional doctors, professional engineers etc, which looks more feasible than one group??

      Please enlighten me on the these issues.

      Its difficult for people like me to avail myself at the announced meetings until I know whether I qualify to be professional or not.

      • Thank you bro Tufayl Bwanali for your provoking reply to the topic on AMP. The issue about the definition as to who is a professional is a contetious one and no doubt there are never-ending debates on the subject. However, in a nutshell I can say that as Muslims Professionals we have tried to select a definition that would benefit the ummah and prove our contributions to it worthwhile. In this regard we have ably defined the term professional in our constitution in order for us to avoid such prolonged debates.We have therefore defined the term professional in our context to mean everyone who has a minimum qualification of diploma inany discipline of study. We intend to work with all Muslims that are professional without regard of which discipline of study one pursued. Our aim is to make sure that we bring together heads that will be capable of deliberating on issues affecting Muslims and try to find lasting solutions and mitigating the suffering on all Muslims in the country. Ihope this explains some of the concerns raised in your reply.


    2. The initiative is good.hope it will work according to the plan.According to the experience that I have where I am,most of the professionals really dont seem to create time for Allah. They are ever busy with their daily professional routines.What I can advise is that you really need to constantly remind each other on the importance of attending to the organisation's demands, otherwise,the strong members might just get discouraged.I pray to Allah ti give imman to all the members who have volunteered to work for the success of this organisation and Islam at large.May Allah bless you and all Muslims world over.

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