Chienda: Made a call

    Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) has urged Muslims in the country to take a leading role in rendering assistance to orphans.

    IIB Coordinator for Limbe Sheikh Ahmad Chiyenda made the call when a Blantyre based Munawara Muslim Youth organisation donated clothes and soap  to orphans at Mkoka Orphanage centre at Nancholi in the area of Traditional Authority Somba, Blantyre.

    “Muslims need to be in forefront in making sure that orphans are well looked after because our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was also an orphan,” Sheikh Chiyenda explained.

    He then hailed Munawara for their initiative of reaching out to the vulnerable children.

    “Let me also urge other Muslim organisations to emulate what this organisation has done. It is rare to see a Muslim youth organisation to be engaged in such kind of activities,’ he added.

    In his remarks, chairman of the grouping Eric Jafar said his organisation realises that the number of orphans is continuing to grow due to the HIV AIDS pandemic hence, joining government in helping those affected as a result of this deadly disease.

    “Everyone knows that this pandemic is making more children to become orphans and as such there is a need for every individual to play a role in making sure that these children are not subjected to challenges that would leave their future in jeopardy.”

    The donated items were sourced from well-wishers within Blantyre.