Muslim Supreme Council asks Malawians to support winner of May 20 Polls


    Muslim Supreme Council of Malawi has asked Malawians to leave their political interests aside and support the winner of the May 20 polls.

    According to the statement released by the council signed by Imran Katona, Secretary General for the organisation, people should accept the will of the people and let Malawi Electoral Commission do its job.

    “Malawi is a peaceful and God-fearing nation. As such, we all need a better Malawi. Let’s hold our peace and let MEC do its job.

    “Muslim Supreme Council strongly condemns acts of some politicians who are trying sabotage Malawi Electoral Commission to carry out its duties effectively,” reads the statement.

    The statement comes barely 24 hours after MEC announced that it will recount the votes following irregularities that have marred the elections.

    The decision for recount has since been challenged by Democratic Progressive Party which has been poised to win the elections after leading with 42% from 30% of the counted votes.

    The High court in Lilongwe has granted a stay order restraining MEC to go into the recounting process.

    Meanwhile, three opposition parties United Democratic Front, People’s Party and Malawi Congress Party are challenging the stay order. Court expected to hear it on Monday.


    1. Sheikh Imraan Katona,
      It true that; in a democratic elections, people should accept the will of a majority.

      However, it is the extent of anomalies and highly credible irregularities in the 20th May 2014 national elections that has immensely cast doubt on the Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) capacity and readiness to handle such a mammoth task – this time around.

      Until the votes are properly audited, recounted and independently verified, it would be extremely difficult for “the God fearing and peaceful Malawi nation” to believe in this election’s results and hold its peace. May Allah forbid.

    2. Highly commendable, this is what an umbrella Islamic organization should do. Individually, there is no problem for one to support whatever party one wishes to support. Bravo Sheikh Imran!

    3. mwati imraan katona ndi sheikh ? Since when ?
      Koma abale tikuyalutsa ushehe ndima fwakafwaka omwe . May i also take this opportunity to ask the learned people in terms of islamic studies to put things in order.

    4. Kodi Supreme Council amayidziwa ndani? awa si ongofuna ndalama basi aja. We here to make sure the elections were credible a recount is the next step and where irrigularities are still there, we are voting again

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