Breaking News: ” Burn Quran Day’ Pastor Arrested

Church head Terry Jones posted "Islam is of the Devil" sign.

Pastor Terry Jones of White Dove Church, an organiser of “Burn Quran Day’ function in Florida has been arrested by the police for possession of child pornography.

According to media reports, the pastor was arrested for sharing pictures of children in various states of nudity over Limewire, the popular file sharing network.

More to come as we look for more information.


  1. This is just a minor punishment from the Almighty Allah,more humiliation in the hereafter if he don't repent and return to his sense. Islam is the only decent way of life. The Holy Qur'an will never be tortured by these unbelievers.

  2. Obviously this has been the expectation or even more is expected from this thinktank of the evil act that was intended to be done on 11th September. Explore the story of the Ethiopean King Abrahtu you will witness that Allah belongings are protected by Himself.Allahu Akbar.

  3. I am a Christian and think burning the Quaran is disrespectful and disgraceful. Just as destroying or prohibiting the Bible is in Muslim countries. In the U.S. we generally allow unsavory and unpopular speech actions because of our constitution. We are free to burn the Quoran, the Bible, the Torah, even the constitution and american flag. Its called freedom.

  4. The shadow of his wicked mind shall forever live by him. How can he order the burning of the Holy Book of Allah, the only remedy of all worldly problems? this is just the beginning, Allah will expose all his nasties mascuraded in pastorhood.

  5. Allah will always deal with His enemies in His own ways.This is one of them. Allah will expose him of his iniquities on this earth and the hereafter.the only thing remaining for him is just to repent to Allah.

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