Zomba Muslims for Eid Adha on Tuesday



    Reports indicate that after several consultations, Muslims in Zomba have resolved to pray Eid Adha on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, Malawi Muslims Official Website has learnt.

    This is in contrast to the statement released by The National Ru’yatul Committee (NRHC) earlier on that Eid Adha will perform on Wednesday, October 16.

    According to one of the organisers of Eid prayers Sheikh Saleem Mulosola, Muslims from different jamaat such as Bilal, ZODEC, Chinamwali have decided to pray on Tuesday saying that is the correct day.

    “We always follow where there is haq (truth). Sheikhs and other Muslims here in Zomba did a research and found that the correct day to observe Eid Adha is on Tuesday,” he said.

    The main prayers will be conducted at the Zomba High School Ground, according to Mulosola.

    However, Nikah and other Islamic Functions (NIFA) have said the grouping will hold its prayers on Wednesday at the venue to be announced later.


    1. NIFA is full of pple that have no gud Islamic background. No wonder u want to make things agaisnt the Sheikhs. Becoz u rely on donors and u know ur donors cant not release funds for ur activity only after u do what they demand u t do….shame

    2. I think we muslims are handling our issues as if we are ignorant. We do not go by time. These sheikhs made people fast during Eid day at the end of last Ramadhaan. There was and is no any proof from them allowing them to create these differences. The world is small these days we can not be saying we should be differing with other countries in dates. Last time when the moon was sighted in Saudi these sheikhs said we should fast and there was no any hadeeth aprt from what happened during the time of Muawiyah which does not give a valid reason for differences otherwise it is misunderstanding of the same. This time around they want to do the same. These sheikhs should pray on wedsday and not force others to pray on the same. We are praying on Tuesday.

    3. According to u indians are kaafir right? The same also for arabs right? Only u ppl r muslims right? That’s wat ur sayin isn’t it? Follow saudi if u want, ur oppinion. Its only one thing that malawians the da most racist in africa, and dats da truth. And by the way if u must know many muslim tribes of india are related to arabs. I have said da truth ur malawians are racists. Swear amwenye how much, it will only proof u guys jealous. Even u would also swear da arabs if there were here, u ppl are like that.

    4. Just of a difference opinion on eid , why calling all indians bidatis kaafirs? Just becuz there prayin on wednesday that’s its?

    5. its true the world is soooo small nowadays!its not like in the 80s whereby we had to wait for Malawi posts Corporation to deliver our letters to Majuni inorder to get the health condition of my grandma Anangulila.Now we can just browse, or even make a call inorder to verify.
      So for this issue its the same, We have many brothers and sisters and uncles who have left for Hajj this year. Lets call them and verify when they are praying their original Eid there?You sheikhs, we have to move with time, dont take us for granted.We prayed Eid Fitr a day later, because of you.
      The problem is like this, the Kafirs take advantage of situations like this and start insulting us by all names…We respect u our great sheikhs there, but my plea is, let us also take advantage of many technologies which have emerged.

    6. According to my opinion eid will take place on Tuesday which is today.for more information contact me on this number 0998173441 or you can get me on watsapp

    7. Chezalade is talking non sense. Can he explain why we should follow saudi. If yiu think we should follow them in fasting and eid, i think you should start praying salah at the same time as them. Let me know when u pray your magrib. According to the sunset in makkah or or malawi.
      Please understand that technology is an advancement but it does not mean that you begin to foolow your whims and desires and start doing what you feel like.

    8. It is Sunnah for the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah (The followers of the Four Math-habs) to fast on the 9th Zil Hajj. And, the 9th Zil Hajj is whenever it happens to be the 9th in terms of local halaal sightings.

      Regardless of the 9th in Saudi Arabia not coinciding with the 9th in another country, the people in the latter country should fast on the day it is the 9th for them.

      Devious Salafis masquerading as Shaafis attempt to fool and befuddle unwary followers of the Ahlus Sunnah by citing from the Kitaabs of our illustrious Fuqaha while in their hearts they regard these great Kitaabs as being ‘RUBBISH’. They mis-manipulate the statements of our Fuqaha to suit their stupid and baatil beliefs and practices whilst they cherish an inveterate hatred for our Fuqaha, Just don’t be duped by these impostors.

      Beware of the deviant Salafis pretending to be Shaafis. They have borrowed from Shi’ism the despicable doctrine of Taqiyah to conceal their identity and beliefs in order to bamboozle the Muqallideen and to ensnare them into the web of errant Salafi’ism.

      There is no principle in the Shariah which demands unification of Eids, etc. with Saudi Arabia. Remember that Saudi Arabia is currently in the throttling grip of a Faasiq and Faajir regime. Muslims, therefore, find no pride and no happiness in submitting to the decrees emanating from a regime of fussaaq and fujjaar.

      If ARABIA was today governed by a pious Khalifah, the entire Muslim world would have considered it the greatest honour to submit without question to every decree issued by a PIOUS Khalifah who is Allah’s Shadow on earth. But the faasiq-faajir Saudi regime is the shadow of Iblees on earth.

      The scholars – or the palace scholars of Saudi Arabia are members of the fraternity known as Ulama-e-Soo’ (Evil Ulama). Their rubber-stamping of the whims and fancies of the Saudi king is thus devoid of Shar’i substance.


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