Bring Unity Among Muslims-MAM Asked


    Besides appreciating the current Muslim association of Malawi (MAM) leadership, the association gets an appeal from Muslim scholars to create an environment of unity among Muslims in Malawi.

    Admittedly, God Almighty has bestowed on us to be grateful to whatever we have in this life and we should express that gratitude not just to God Almighty but also to the people whom we deal with in many aspects of our life.

    Among the many Muslim scholars, registering their support and appreciation of the current leadership of MAM, under the tutelage of Shaikh Muhammad Idrissah, is the co-ordinator of Limbe Islamic Information Bureau, Shaikh Ahmad Chienda.

    Chienda alluded that, after several years of blackout in development, the association has resurfaced an unexpectedly, and now, manage to run several programs for the benefit of Muslims in particular and Malawi in general, such as building of school blocks, health facilities, distribution of relief items,and drilling boreholes  among others.

    “It is my understanding and observation that this is a progressive leadership the Muslim Community in Malawi ever had before;it has never been our expectation that MAM can become more familiar to everyone in the country as it is the case now.Even the Malawi government commends the association’s vigilance in spearheading development in the country.Lets all Muslims work in collaboration with the association,” said Chienda.

    Chienda also commended MAM for its visions of reviving Gada Farm where the association is Rearing chickens and doing other farming activities, saying the project will help the Muslim community in the country and as away of adopting self-reliance.

    “From the look of thing the current leader Shaikh Muhammad Idrissah has a great vision of making the Muslim community independent of resource in carrying sustainable development for the benefit of Muslims and Malawi in general,” he said.

    However, Chienda asked MAM to work together with other Islamic Organizations in order to bring unity among Muslims in the country.

    “Of course we have this transformed MAM leadership but let me ask MAM to work together with other Islamic organizations which also aims at promoting Islam in the country like Qadriyyal Muslim Association of Malawi, most of the times, they contradict each other yet they are all Muslims, this can divide the Muslims and if we cannot take a good care of it, can bring retrogressive among Islamic work.” said Chienda

    The unity will only work if the other organizations can also swallow their pride, recognizing MAM as a partner in development and start working together as a team towards development of this country.