Brutal Murder of ACB Senior Officer Shocks Muslims in Malawi

    The Charismatic and hardworking Late Issa Njaunju
    The Charismatic and hardworking Late Issa Njaunju (Pic courtesy of Suwedi)

    The suspected brutal murder of the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director of Corporate Services Issa Ali Tayub Njaunju has shocked a lot of Muslims in Malawi.

    ACB Deputy Director Reyneck Matemba said that the officer went missing on Thursday and his body was later found  on Saturday along the road connecting Areas 18 and 49 in Lilongwe. Matemba said it was too early to suspect foul play.

    However, other unconfirmed sources said that late Njaunju was shot and buried along Lilongwe river and his mutilated body was found along the road to State House after hyenas found the body and consumed part of it.

    His car was found burnt at Mtsiliza, purportedly to erase any evidence of his suspected murder.

    The soft spoken late Njaunju was buried later on the same day at Biwi Cemetery in Lilongwe.

    Speaking to Malawi Muslims Website, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Deputy Secretary General Twaibu Lawe said that MAM has lost an inspirational figure in the Muslim community, “MAM regrets his demise. He was a very inspirational and principled person and he could not compromise between his personal and Islamic interests. It is a great loss to the Muslim community.”

    Late Issa Njaunju,  a fellow of the Certified Chartered Accountants (FCCA) was appointed Treasurer General of MAM after the elections that ushered the current regime in power, but later resigned citing personal commitments. He had previously worked at Munazzamat Dawa al-Islamia (MDI) as an administrator.

    The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his missing and subsequent death.


    1. What a loss to the Muslim community and country at large!

      May Allah forgive, reward and rest his humble soul, Aameen.

      Gone too soon and indeed the good die young.

      We hope and pray the wheels of justice swiftly moves; in finding, arresting and heavily charging these ruthless murderers.

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