Bwalo la Chewa calls for Lockdown tolerance


Bwalo la Chewa Foundation( BOLA- CEFO), has called on the three arms of government, NGOs and chiefs to meet and discuss issues of Covid-19 before declaring Malawi, Lockdown.

Bwalo la Chewa says it is greatly concerned that the three arms of government beside being independent, are working separately, lacking the spirit of tolerance to achieve good governance.

The Foundation says Corona virus should not be politicized, need not to be played with because it can wipe the entire nation, lamenting that one arm of government, the Executive, is not accomodative , NGOs and chiefs are partisan, saying this cannot work in a poor country like Malawi.

This is contained in a statement released by the grouping’s National Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje.

In a statement, Bwalo la Chewa expresses fears that separation of powers doesnot mean doing things without consulting each other saying the loser will be a common man in the rural village.

Bwalo la Chewa says Malawi will fall if its leaders continues to be greedy, lack of tolerance and jealousy, appealing to all stakeholders that using chiefs for partisan politics, will bring the country to nowhere.

“Chiefs need to be accomodated and be in the chiefs council and not just using afew individuals to represent all, for Malawi to renain the Warm Heart of Africa”, reads a statement in part.

The Foundation is urging the authorities never and ever “to copy and paste” what other countries are doing without considering Malawi culture, change your mindset, leave what belongs to the Europeans and concentrate with the culture of Malawi.

The organization cited HIV/AIDS pandemic which spread through copy and pasting principles borrowed from the European countries saying the same has been applied to Corona virus which government has a solution ” Lockdown”.

Bwalo la Chewa says it has noted with a great concern that the authorities have forgotten that Malawians survive on hand to mouth everyday, expressing fears that 21 days of lockdown, while Malawi is already on lockdown, will be more than Coronavirus pandemic itself.