“Celebrate Wisely,” Says Sheikh Muhammad Uthman


One of the renowned sheikhs in Malawi, Sheikh Muhammad Uthman has asked all Muslims in the country to “celebrate wisely” and not indulging themselves  in some prohibited activities like drinking and other bad issues.

On speaking to Malawi Muslim Official Website today in the morning after Eid prayers, sheikh Uthman said the best way to celebrate Eid is  sharing gifts and inviting family and friends in our homes so that they should also enjoy the celebrations.

” I am asking all brothers and sisters in Islam that lets celebrate wisely and not involve ourselves in bad issues like drinking as other unbelievers do,” Said sheikh Uthman.

“What we have to know is that the best way of celebrating Eid Fitr is to invite family and friends and eat together. if there is a certain gift lets give to all those who are in needy so that they should also enjoy the celebrations,” he said.

Meanwhile Muslims in Malawi have organised several activities as one part of the Eid celebrations.