Court rescues MAM chairman over vehicle saga


    High Court in Blantyre granted an injunction to the embattled Muslim Association of Malawi sheikh Idrissa Muhammad restraining the move taken by Concerned Muslims in grabbing his vehicle.

    The concerned Muslims embarrassed the Muslim leader by impounding his vehicle claiming it belonged to MAM, therefore it should be used by the secretariat.

    However the court observed that the vehicle belonged to sheikh Idrissa and ordered the concerned Muslims to return it, a command has been complied with

    According to the grouping, the impounding of the vehicle was a way of compelling him to respect the alleged suspension which is said to have inflicted on him by board of trustees.

    Earlier this year, the board succumbed to the concerned Muslims pressure to unconstitutionally suspend the chairman for failing to act on Muslim women who were dancing in political rallies.


    1. concerned muslims wanted to reap where they did not sow
      Blantyre concerned muslims is a group of thugs and should be sent back to prison and ndi anyamata amene walibe mbiri yabwino mu deen

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